BMW has been coy on technical specifications regarding the Vision Neue Klasse X, deciding instead to talk about the design. It did reiterate the advantages brought by sixth-generation battery tech with round cells: +30% charging speed, +20% energy density, and +30% range. The question on everyone’s lips is how much farther the electric crossover will travel compared to the current iX3.

The German luxury brand isn’t willing to answer this question just yet, but we did find something interesting in one of the official videos. The adjacent footage presenting the iDrive X infotainment system briefly shows a maximum range of 600 kilometers (373 miles) on the large touchscreen. We can see the range displayed a couple of times in the video, and in both instances, the battery is fully charged.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the next-generation iX3 coming in 2025 will be able to cover 600 kilometers. The Vision Neue Klasse X is a concept and therefore it’s not fully indicative of the subsequent production model arriving in a little over a year from now. Nevertheless, we can assume BMW didn’t just randomly pick a number to show in this presentation. It could have easily left out the range so as not to give us a reason to speculate, and yet it didn’t.

As previously announced, BMW is developing batteries for Neue Klasse models in three capacities: 75 kWh, 90 kWh, and 105 kWh. It’s too soon to say which packs are planned for the iX3 but we do know the cylindrical batteries for SUVs will have a height of 120 mm (4.7 in). Regardless of body style, the diameter is going to be 46 millimeters (1.8 inches). Assuming the iX3 will indeed have 600 kilometers (373 miles) of range in the WLTP cycle, that would be a major improvement over the CLAR-based model currently on sale. The fifth-generation battery with prismatic cells used today by the electric crossover has a usable energy content of 74 kWh for up to 460 kilometers (289 miles) of range.

While we wouldn’t get too excited just yet, perhaps it is a subtle hint from BMW that we’re in for major efficiency gains. When the Vision Neue Klasse X debuted last week, the company also talked about the SUV’s slippery body (-20% drag), bespoke tires, and new brakes that increased the vehicle’s overall efficiency by 25%.