Crossovers and SUVs may have taken over but a fast wagon remains the perfect all-rounder. It ticks nearly all the boxes by offering plenty of practicality and performance. Luxury models are also brimming with technology and have upscale interiors, so what more could you really want from a car? Two relevant examples of do-it-all vehicles are the BMW M3 Touring and the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate.

Even though the two super wagons compete in different segments of the market, seeing them duke it out in a drag race is fun to watch. The G81 is considerably down on power but has the advantage of being slightly lighter, albeit it’s no ballerina either. BMW’s long-awaited M3 wagon has to make do with 510 hp and 650 Nm from an inline-six whereas the AMG’s bigger fast family car packs 612 hp and 850 Nm from a brawny V8. The Mercedes is nearly 100 kg heavier, so these differences make for an interesting fight. Naturally, both are all-wheel drive with automatic transmissions.

The E63 S Estate was the fastest car overall after winning the decider and it also came out first in the subsequent rolling races to the half-mile mark. The M3 Touring did manage to triumph in the ultimate duel, an emergency brake test from 100 mph. That’s not all too surprising since the BMW is the lighter of the two performance wagons.

However, winning the brake test was merely a consolation prize. The comparison goes to show the M5 Touring can’t come soon enough. It’s debuting later this year and is widely believed to have over 700 horsepower but also a curb weight of over 2,400 kilograms. AMG is also putting the finishing touches on a new E63, complete with a wagon version. The hot Mercedes estate will be a plug-in hybrid as well, but possibly with an inline-six instead of a V8 that BMW M has already confirmed for the next-gen M5.

These straight-line races don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things since fast wagons are more about versatility by being able to do pretty much everything. A dedicated sports car of similar power will always be lighter and consequently quicker. That being said, for a one-car garage, a performance estate is the best solution.

Source: Carwow / YouTube