If the BMW i5 still feels fresh, that’s because it is. After all, the sedan was introduced 11 months ago while the wagon broke cover this past February. Heck, the i5 Touring’s market launch isn’t even happening until next month. Nevertheless, we’re already hearing rumors from a reliable insider about some hardware revisions.

According to a member of the Bimmer Post forums, BMW is purportedly planning improvements to the electric motors and battery packs. These changes are not detailed in the report but the person familiar with BMW’s plans says the goodies are coming in less than a year. Production of the revamped models – both the sedan and wagon – is slated to start in March 2025. Apparently, there aren’t going to be any changes in power. That tells us the tweaks are likely to focus only on improving efficiency for greater range. Perhaps lessons learned from the Neue Klasse will be put to good use on CLAR-based electric cars.

Although it seems strange to modify the pair of EVs so early in their life cycles, it’s not without precedent. BMW did the same with the 2 Series by updating the coupe to iDrive 8 about a year after the G42 was introduced. The German luxury brand wants to keep its cars fresh by rolling out updates even before the Life Cycle Impulse.

Speaking of which, the i5 LCI could come with the vehicles produced from March 2027. According to the same person familiar with BMW’s agenda, the mid-cycle update will bring the Panoramic Vision head-up display and an optional passenger front screen. That tells us iDrive X is coming with the 5 Series/i5 LCI for both body styles.

When you think about it, it’s never the right time to buy a new BMW. Why? Because an update is almost always around the corner. This is quite frustrating but at the same time, it kind of makes sense. The automotive market has never been this competitive, so frequent tweaks can give car manufacturers an advantage.

Source: Bimmer Post