Most people are not buying small crossovers to line them up for a drag race, but plenty of automakers do sell high-performance versions. Such is the case with MINI and its not-so-mini 2025 Countryman in the John Cooper Works specification. BMW’s iX2 should also be quick off the line given its instant torque delivered by the pair of electric motors.

The two BMW Group models fought in a series of drag and rolling races against two similarly sized vehicles from the Volkswagen Group: Audi SQ2 and the VW T-Roc R. One would expect the iX2 xDrive30 to have the best start of the four given its EV setup but that wasn’t the case. The four drag races were primarily a duel between the Audi and VW as the MINI and BMW were significantly slower. Disappointing, I know.

In the subsequent rolling races from 50 mph to the half-mile mark, the iX2 performed much better in the beginning. However, as with most EVs, it ran out of puff at higher speeds, ultimately finishing dead last on both occasions. The Countryman JCW wasn’t that much faster either. Neither of the two BMW Group products won the brake test from 100 mph. The SQ2 came to a halt considerably sooner than the rest of the potent crossovers.

An X1 M35i or X2 M35i should fare better in these tests. However, BMW enthusiasts are going to skip these models altogether and buy an M240i. That’s provided they can’t stretch their budgets for an M2. As for cheaper thrills, a new M135i hot hatch is around the corner, and an M235 Gran Coupe for the sedan-loving crowd. These two cars will get the same “B48” engine found in the M Performance versions of the X1 and X2.

BMW won’t have to worry much longer about that SQ2. Audi has already announced plans to discontinue its entry-level crossover after just one generation.

Source: carwow / YouTube