In 1999 BMW released its first ever SUV, or SAV as it likes to call it, the X5. This was a big deal as for the past 30 plus years it had built its reputation on making sport sedans and coupes. It ended up being a hit for the brand, a few years later the X3 came out, and ever since then it seems like the number of SUVs in the lineup has been expanding at an exponential rate. From X1, to X7, XM and iX, this guide is for all of BMWs current SUV offerings, and will help keep you informed about the current model options, as well as if it has had a recent refresh, or if you can expect one soon. With the exception of the X3 sDrive 30i, and X5 sDrive 40i, all BMW SUVs currently sold in the United States are AWD.


Updated for 2023, the X1 has grown in every dimension and has lost the iDrive controller in favor of a touchscreen only interface. It also has new styling, which I think looks great, and is one of the best looking BMWs as of late. The X2 was updated shortly after the X1 for the 2024 model year. It has lost its small lifted hatchback appearance, gaining over 7 inches in length, and has turned into a true coupe version of the X1. It shares the same interior with the X2, and both X1 and X2 are available with a 4 Cylinder in two different trims, with a 7 Speed DCT. Both are on the FWD UKL architecture, but unlike last generation, there are no FWD options currently available, and the EV iX1 and iX2 are not being sold in the United States.

X1 xDrive28i
$40,5002.0 I4 Turbo241 hp / 295 lb-ft
X1 M35i$49,9002.0 I4 Turbo313 hp / 295 lb-ft
X2 xDrive28i
$42,0002.0 I4 Turbo241 hp / 295 lb-ft
X2 M35i$51,4002.0 I4 Turbo312 hp / 295 lb-ft


Currently some of the oldest models in BMWs lineup, the current generation X3 came out for the 2018 model year, and the coupe roofed X4 variant came out a year later for the 2019. For 2022, the X3 and X4 received a LCI which updated the front and rear, as well as a large interior update, bringing the interior in line with other cars in the lineup. The X3 is available with RWD in the sDrive30i trim, but all other X3 and X4 trims are AWD. The X3 M came out for 2020, and introduced the S58 six-cylinder, which later went on to power the M2/M3/M4. Spy photos for the next generation X3 have been going around recently, and the car is expected to debut later this year.

X3 sDrive30i$46,9002.0 I4 Turbo248 hp / 258 lb-ft
X3 xDrive30i$48,9002.0 I4 Turbo248 hp / 258 lb-ft
X3 M40i$61,9003.0 I6 Turbo382 hp / 369 lb-ft
X3 M$75,5003.0 I6 Twin Turbo473 hp / 457 lb-ft
X4 xDrive30i$55,0002.0 I4 Turbo248 hp / 258 lb-ft
X4 M40i$66,4003.0 I6 Turbo382 hp / 369 lb-ft
X4 M$79,1003.0 I6 Twin Turbo473 hp / 457 lb-ft


The current X5 was released for 2019, with the sloped roof X6 variant coming out for 2020. For 2024, both cars were facelifted. Updates include a redesigned front end, with the X6 being available in M Sport trim only, new taillights in the X5, and a large interior update with bigger screens running iDrive 8.5 with fewer physical controls. The X5 xDrive 45e has been replaced with the 50e. Benefits include more power, with a longer EV driving range due to a larger battery. The M50i trims have been replaced with M60i, featuring a true M S68 engine, which replaces the N63 previously available.

The X5 M/X6 M engines have also been updated, powered by the S68 engine as well. Both the X5 M and X M now share the X6’s more uniquely shaped kidneys, and now have horizontal slats to bring it in line with other recent M products. 3 row seats are available on some models, but the third row should only be reserved for short trips or for little children as they are very tight.

X5 sDrive40i$65,7003.0 I6 Twin Turbo375 hp / 398 lb-ft
X5 xDrive40i$68,0003.0 I6 Twin Turbo375 hp / 398 lb-ft
X5 xDrive50e$73,1003.0 I6 Twin Turbo + Electric Motor483 hp / 516 lb-ft
X5 M60i$90,0004.4 V8 Twin Turbo523 hp / 553 lb-ft
X5 M Competition$124,8004.4 V8 Twin Turbo617 hp / 553 lb-ft
X6 xDrive40i$74,5003.0 I6 Twin Turbo375 hp / 398 lb-ft
X6 M60i$94,3004.4 V8 Twin Turbo523 hp / 553 lb-ft
X6 M Competition$129,7004.4 V8 Twin Turbo617 hp / 553 lb-ft


Photo: Autohaus BMW

For close to 20 years, the X5 was the largest and greatest SUV BMW produced. There was no lifted counterpart for the 7 Series, but this changed in 2019 with the X7’s introduction. Being the same width as the X5, but 9 inches longer, the X7 is a true three row SUV. It received a large update in 2023, coinciding with the release of the all new 2023 7 Series. Updates included a totally redesigned front end with split headlights similar to the 7 Series, new taillights, and a new interior with iDrive 8. Like with the X5, the M50i trim has been replaced with the M Powered M60i. And like with the 7 Series, there is no full fat M variant. 

X7 xDrive40i$83,5003.0 I6 Twin Turbo375 hp / 398 lb-ft
X7 M60i$110,9004.4 V8 Twin Turbo523 hp / 553 lb-ft


To the shock and horror of BMW fans in 2023, BMW released the XM SUV. With a 122.2” wheelbase, identical to the X7 (a car the company doesn’t believe deserves a M variant) this is BMW’s first “ground up” M car since the 1978 M1. Coming in at over 6000 LBS, It features a plug-in hybrid setup with the S68 Twin Turbo V8, foreshadowing what will power the upcoming next generation M5. Above the base XM, there is the XM Label which was initially called the XM Label Red. It features the same engine with a different state of tune, and puts out over 700 horsepower.

XM$159,0004.4 V8 Twin-Turbo + Electric Motor644 hp / 590 lb-ft
XM Label$185,0004.4 V8 Twin-Turbo + Electric Motor738 hp / 738 lb-ft


Unlike other current EVs in BMWs range, the i4, i5, i7, the iX is a ground up dedicated EV, similar to the i3 that came years before. Unveiled in late 2020 for the 2022 model year, It is around the size of a X5 being a bit longer, narrower and lower, but is larger inside due to the advantages that come with building a ground up EV. Currently available in xDrive 50 and M60 trims, a facelift is coming soon, expect the xDrive 50 be replaced with the xDrive 60, and M60 be replaced with the M70. Both will have more power, and more range.

iX xDrive50$87,250Dual Electric Motors516 hp / 564 lb-ft
iX M60$111,500Dual Electric Motors610 hp / 749 lb-ft