The BMW X3 is one of the most popular crossovers built by the Munich-based automaker. First launched in 2003, the X3 is gearing up for a new generation later this year. The upcoming 2025 BMW X3, identified by the chassis code G45, will usher in the vehicle’s fourth generation, featuring substantial updates in both design and technology.

What Would The Design Look Like?

Even though most of the future BMW models, either on CLAR or NCAR (Neue Klasse architecture) will share some design elements, that might not be the case initially with the G45 X3.  Built on the flexible CLAR architecture, the G45 BMW X3 will, though, bring some meaningful design upgrades, both inside and out. The exterior design, even though it will be more of an evolution of the current one, will give the 2025 BMW X3 a fresh look with new headlights and a revised kidney grille.

The new headlights will closely mirror the design seen in the latest BMW 5 Series, X1, and X2 models, ensuring a cohesive family look. So expect the double LEDs forming an L-shape inside a sleek glass housing. Furthermore, the iconic kidney grille will keep its classic dimensions, steering clear of the larger grille trend seen in other BMW vehicles. The taillights’ design will not surprise anyone either: two parallel light bars will extend into the trunk with an X motif wrapping around the fenders.

There is also a roof spoiler and a tailgate, as you’d expect to see on a crossover. And of course, flushed door handles will be used as well as with all recent BMWs. One novelty? The top model BMW X3 M50 will feature quad-pipes, just like the recently unveiled BMW X1 M35i and X2 M35i.

What About The Interior Design?

Since the production of the 2025 BMW X3 starts a year before the Neue Klasse launch, that means that the interior design stays true to the current design language. The large curved display, a feature now common in other BMW models, will be powered by iDrive 9 in the G45 X3. The infotainment system uses the Android Automotive OS.

The traditional gear shift knob will be replaced by a toggle switch. Fortunately, the iDrive knob dial remains.  The 2025 BMW X3 will also feature the same steering wheel as the 5 Series and i5 models, characterized by its flat-bottom design. The rest of the interior is not expected to undergo any major updates compared to the current models.

What Engines Will It Have?

The 2025 BMW X3 will include a wide range of powertrains, from the X3 20, X3 20d or X3 30 for gasoline models, to X3 30e plug-in hybrids. A diesel BMW X3 40d is expected also. Of course, not all engine variants will come to the United States, especially the diesel variants and entry-level gasoline models.

The top model will be the 2025 BMW X3 M50. Notice the lack of the “i” denotation which used to stand for fuel-injected engines. Instead, the “i” now becomes solely an indicator for electric BMWs, just like we’ve seen on current models. The M Performance Model (2025 BMW X3 M50) will still use the B58 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine making at 382 horsepower, paired with a mild-hybrid system.

Production Date and Reveal Date

The 2025 BMW X3 will be unveiled by mid-summer this year. Production of the G45 BMW X3 will begin at the Spartanburg Plant in fall 2024.