This current-generation 2022 BMW X5 has been one of the brand’s most handsome cars since its very first day on the job. While it might not have always been the best SUV in its class, no one ever complained about the way it looked, which is rare for BMW these days. However, it still needs to stay fresh as newer competitors come along and this new LCI facelift is BMW’s attempt to do just that. But has it worked? Now that the 2024 BMW X5 facelift is here, let’s take a look at some of the differences to see if BMW just changed things to change things or if it actually made some improvement.

Changes At The Front

Here’s where the car changed the most, visually. It isn’t called a facelift for nothin’. Up front, the BMW X5 LCI gets entirely new headlights, which are thinner and sportier looking, with new arrow-shaped lights inside. They certainly look more modern and, if you’re asking me, they do look better. The grilles are the same but they’re not illuminated and customers should get a kick out of that. Underneath the grilles, the front air intakes are more rectangular and there are new vertical air vents under the headlights. As good looking as the pre-LCI car is, the new one is more a handsome and more sophisticated, so it wins up front.

Similar Side Views

Looking at the two cars side by side, it’s hard to tell them apart. BMW changed very little in their profiles, which is par for the course with LCI treatments. However, the new wheels look good and the X5 M60i gets M-style side mirrors, so the LCI wins this one just because it’s fresh.

Rear-End Changes

There aren’t many changes out back but there are two worth noting. Obviously, the taillights are new and feature more three dimensional depth. Also, they feature a similar dual-level design to the X3 LCI. On the latter car, its taillights have been said to look like Halo energy swords and that look carries over to the X5 a bit. Underneath them, the new rear bumper gets a different bumper guard (or a body color rear “diffuser” on M Sport models) and rectangular exhausts. On the M60i mode, it gets quad exhausts. The new taillights look more interesting than the pre-LCI car’s and so do its new exhausts. So the new car wins here, too.

A Completely New Interior Design

This one is a bit tricky. The BMW X5 LCI certainly looks better inside, thanks to the impressive looking dual curved iDrive 8 screen, the lovely wood trim, and the dashboard light bar. However, its lack of physical climate controls is frustrating. At least it still has the rotary dial, unlike some BMWs (I’m looking at you X1). I’ll give the new BMW X5 the win here but it’s a mall margin of victory, as  the outgoing car is a bit more ergonomic and easy to use.


So there you have it, a full sweep of all categories. The new 2024 BMW X5 Facelift looks fantastic and is a worth upgrade to an already great looking car.