The new BMW Vision Neue Klasse X introduces plenty of new functionality through iDrive and the Panoramic Vision display. Though we’re already somewhat familiar – it’s the system that debuted on the original Vision Neue Klasse – we’ve got a better idea of how iDrive looks in the next generation. Here are the highlights of the newest iDrive features on the BMW Vision Neue Klasse XWhat name it might take? Our bets are on iDrive X.

Panoramic Vision and 3D Head-Up Display

BMW Panoramic Display

Panoramic Vision projects information into the windscreen, reducing driver distraction while keeping drivers informed. You’ve already seen something similar on the original Vision Neue Klasse, but it’s more fleshed-out and closer to production-ready here. Configuration is easy, too – it features six configurable slots. All a driver needs to do is slide their finger, open a window, and choose from a list what information they’d like to see.

While firm details are light on the 3D head-up display, BMW says it “further enhances active driving situations with crucial information at the right time.” We’re looking forward to seeing how this differs from the current HUD.

Three Categories To Choose From, Multiple Profiles

iDrive X

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X shows us that the newest iDrive X sports three ‘categories’: My Life, My Car, and My Journey. We can reasonably infer that these will present different information based on which you choose. For example, My Journey probably shows trip info for the current journey. Whereas My Car will show diagnostics like battery health and more.

Again, this feature will be interesting to watch as we learn more. Neue Klasse vehicles will also continue to offer multiple driver profiles. The future should hold driver profiles for multiple seats, which will be nice for drivers with frequent guests.

Enhanced Customization, Skins, and Social Media

BMW iDrive 10

The newest version of iDrive shows off some features that many customers have wanted for a while. You can finally upload custom background images and even add filters. In addition to pairing your phone to the car, you can sync social media sites like Instagram to display random images from your feed.

In the future, BMW envisions downloads for skins. While this seems even more video-gamey than Tesla, it does offer another layer of customizability. Which is apparently what BMW drivers really want. BMW calls it “ambient art” – a mix between illustration and interface.

Configurable Vehicle Sounds


It’s something that’s been talked about a lot in the EV industry. The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X introduces the Personal Sound Experience, presented for the first time with what they’ve dubbed the HYPERSONX Wheel. The sound is generated in real-time and adjustable via the tap of a finger. Truly outlandish branding aside, it’s a welcome addition and an obvious selling point.

Voice, Touch, and Wheel

BMW Vision X Steering Wheel

No, that’s not the name of the newest hipster bar opening in town. The new iDrive X system is controllable in three ways. Voice commands are better than ever, and BMW promises AI LLM (large language model) integration “in the next few months and years.” You can always use the center touchscreen to navigate menus. This is good news, because I’ve seen ChatGPT write, and I’d rather not let it play translator between me and my vehicle.

And – perhaps most importantly – you can control almost everything on the screen via the steering wheel. While the iDrive controller in the center console is gone, BMW claims the new steering wheel is its successor. They say you can control everything from the wheel. The right spoke controls Panoramic Vision, and the left has various driver assistance systems. The iDrive controller is dead; long live the iDrive controller.

Many Apps On the Way – But Only When Parked

Again, we got confirmation that the newest iDrive X is based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) software. It allows apps to be built quickly and as needed. However, BMW also says that mitigating driver distraction is a priority. So, many more apps will be available when the vehicle is parked or charging. All the new cars will get over-the-air updates and be able to communicate with an App Store.

Non-Neue Klasse Vehicles – In or Out?

We’re still curious to see if vehicles outside the Neue Klasse family will get any of these cool trick infotainment features. When asked whether Panoramic Vision and other features will appear on other models, we got a very noncommittal response: “I think we will not comment on that today.” Stay tuned, even though we kinda know it’s coming!