’s online configurator now features a new interior package as part of an updated M Sport package for the BMW iX M60. This update introduces a round steering wheel design, a departure from the flat-bottom steering of the current iX. Additionally, this package incorporates the iconic red 12 o’clock stripe seen in other BMWs, along with a standard M Dark Silver interior trim.

Two Steering Wheel Options For Certain BMW iX Models

Round Steering Wheel BMW iX

This update is particularly noteworthy as we anticipated a refresh only starting next year. According to our report from yesterday, the facelifted BMW iX will include an Iconic Glow package for the kidney grille, alongside updated headlights and new kidney graphics for the iX M60, which will transition to the iX M70 name. Rumors had already suggested the inclusion of the round M Sport Steering Wheel, new M wheels, and new M upholstery for this model.

A Facelift Is Coming In 2025

Furthermore, the model lineup will undergo a name change. The BMW iX xDrive45 will take over from the xDrive40, the xDrive60 will succeed the xDrive50, and the flagship model will become the iX M70. Insiders hint at a power increase across the range, though we anticipate this will primarily affect the entry-level BMW iX xDrive45 model, which, not available in the U.S., is expected to boast 350 hp.

Next year is also expected to see an increase in the range. While specific EPA ratings remain unknown, sources suggest the iX xDrive45 will match the current iX 50’s range of approximately 610 km. The iX xDrive60 is set to offer even more, with a range of 700 kilometers, according to the more lenient WLTP testing cycle. The top-tier iX M70 is likely to feature a range that falls between the two, attributed to its combination of a large battery pack and a powerful motor.

Round Shaped Steering Wheel Also On The BMW iX xDrive50

We reached out to BMW of North America to confirm there is no error in the configurator. “M Dark Silver interior trim and the M Steering Wheel are standard on iX M60 for MY2025, which started production in March,” a spokesperson stated via email. The BMW iX xDrive50 features an optional Interior Design Package, which includes the M Dark Silver trim and the M Steering Wheel, but this time with a black 12 o’clock stripe. This is something that we’ve recently seen in other BMWs that offer an M Sport and M Sport Pro package. It costs $400 and requires selecting the Sport Package. Titanium Bronze trim is standard with the hexagonal steering wheel on the xDrive50.