The BMW X5 continues to be a leading SUV in its market, with its fifth generation (G65) anticipated to uphold its successful legacy in 2026. Built upon the CLAR platform, similar to its predecessor, the upcoming 2026 BMW X5 promises a diverse range of powertrain choices, encompassing traditional combustion engines, hybrids, and electric options. Although not every market will receive all variants, the US is expected to continue offering V8 models, including the top model BMW X5 M60.

V8 Still Offered In The U.S.

Slated for release in Summer 2026, the BMW X5 G65 will keep the popular V8 variant but not for all markets. For example, Germany is likely to exclude it from their lineup. The rumored 4.4-liter V8 TwinTurbo engine is expected to deliver approximately 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. This engine will likely be paired with an 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission with paddle shifters and Launch Control. It will also feature a 48-volt mild hybrid system that enhances fuel efficiency and smoothness.

As for its design, the 2027 BMW X5 G65’s appearance is yet under wraps, but it is anticipated to incorporate elements of the Neue Klasse design philosophy, signaling a departure from its traditionally gradual styling evolution. Noteworthy Neue Klasse features, such as the Panoramic Display and a revamped central display (as seen in the Neue Vision Klasse concept), will mostly likely be present.

This model is rumored to be in production from August 2026 through July 2033. It is important to note the absence of an ‘i’ in the M60 designation, signaling BMW’s strategy to eliminate the ‘i’ from petrol models to distinguish them from the all-electric iX5 SUV, while diesel and plug-in hybrids will retain their ‘d’ and ‘e’ suffixes, respectively, to minimize confusion. As always, the BMW X5 M60 has yet to be confirmed by BMW, and the name changes as well.