It’s the end of the road for the BMW M3 Sedan equipped with a six-speed manual transmission in Japan. Your last chance to get one is to place an order for a special version limited to 150 units. It’s aptly called the MT Final Edition and can be purchased only online. Should demand exceed supply, there will be a lottery at the end of May to determine the lucky winners who can take home the three-pedal sports sedan.

The new BMW M3 MT Final Edition can be had in Alpine White, Black Sapphire, or M Brooklyn Grey, with each color limited to 50 vehicles. All of them have these matte gold bronze wheels with a double-spoke design (827 M) style as a nod to the gold wheels fitted to Roberto Ravaglia’s iconic M3 E30 DTM. Although images show the car’s left-hand-drive configuration, BMW Japan states these will be built with an RHD layout.

The M3 G80 has typically been offered in Japan as a Competition model, so rowing your own gears in the Bavarian sports sedan is uncommon in the Land of the Rising Sun. The 6MT is going away after this special edition and is unlikely to ever return. Those eager to get their hands on an M3 with a stick shift must fork out ¥14,200,000, which works out to roughly $96,000 at current exchange rates. That’s rather steep when you consider a base M3 starts at $76,995 in the United States but that’s partially explained by different tax rates.

This special edition is likely the last update for the performance sedan before it gets a nip and tuck. Sources close to Munich have told us the M3 G80 (and M3 G81, which is sold in Japan) will get a small refresh in July when the duo will inherit the novelties of the M4 G82 Coupe and M4 G83 Convertible. Aside from minor design revisions inside and out, the Competition xDrive models are likely to get an extra 20 hp to mirror the all-wheel-drive 2025 M4.

Source: BMW Japan