Matte paint looks cool and BMW has a decent offering on hand via their Individual program. So when it came to ordering my 2024 BMW G80 M3 CS, I knew I wanted to make it a bit more special and so I opted to go for the BMW Individual Frozen Solid White color – a world premiere for this paint, making its debut on the G80 M3 CS!

In truth, the new 2024 BMW M3 CS is rather limited on color choices with only four available paints to choose from, which is one less when compared to the give options offered for the F80 CS model. The four color choices are – Black Sapphire Metallic, Brooklyn Grey Metallic, Signal Green, and of course Frozen Solid White.

Now if you’re not aware, frozen or matte paint is delicate. You can’t buff, polish, or touch-up the paint in any way. In fact adding ANY mechanical friction to the surface with enough pressure will result in a permanent “bald spot” of sorts. Naturally I knew what I was signing up for when I ordered the M3 CS in this color choice, and so from Day 1 I had to protect the finish with Paint Protection Film (or PPF for short) because I wasn’t about to spend $4,500 on this special paint and then just leave it up to chance that it’ll be ok!

Join me as I take my 2024 BMW M3 CS from BMW Seattle and drive it down the street to Prestige Auto Salon where I speak with the owner and get a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to get PPF installed on a matte car and why you’d want to do it! Bonus, while I’m there, I get ceramic tint installed as well! Watch the video, drop a question if you have one, and I’ll catch you in the next one!

[Photos: BMW USA]