The BMW E46 M3 is legendary for its thrilling performance, sharp handling, and iconic status. But in 2024, can it compete with modern sports cars? In this this review, we dive deep into what makes the E46 M3 special, exploring its high-revving, naturally aspirated engine, the engaging handling and practical performance. We will also analyze the beautiful and simple interior of the E46 M3 which brings back old memories.

Finding praise for the BMW E46 M3 isn’t a difficult task, yet I’ll give it my shot regardless. Firstly, the car’s aesthetics are strikingly beautiful. The pronounced front and rear fenders create the illusion that the vehicle is snugly wrapped around the wheels – a design truly worthy of an “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Furthermore, right from the factory, the BMW E46 M3 boasted an almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution, resulting in a balanced ride, characterized by manageable and predictable oversteer.

Without giving away the full review, here is a snippet. The old-school hydraulic steering, though familiar and weighty, is both responsive and highly communicative. Additionally, the 3.2-liter S54 inline six-cylinder engine revives the essence of motorsport’s bygone era with its distinctive rasp and the shrill of its 8,000 rpm redline. In essence, vehicles of this caliber are no longer produced – and likely never will be again.

Later in the video, we teamed up with Bill Auberlen, a renowned figure in BMW racing, who shared his insights on his victories with the E46 M3 GTR. We also gave Auberlen the opportunity to drive the E46 M3 and asked for his opinions on the vehicle. Interestingly, he was still dressed in his racing suit, having just switched from the E46 M3 GTR to our road car. But our conversation wasn’t limited to automobiles; we inquired about Auberlen’s interest in music, hoping to persuade him to sing in the video. Will he agree to it? Stay tuned to find out!