“Why isn’t BMW funding this?” – A question we asked ourselves after seeing an Instagram Reel posted by BMW USA this week. Attached below, the clip shows a conceptual office chair based on a front seat borrowed from an M8. Judging by the neck warmer, the seat comes from the convertible version. It’s still electrically adjustable but now with a pair of armrests for those long hours stuck behind a desk at the office.

BMW would create a new revenue stream by selling office chairs converted from car seats but that’s not going to happen. The company clarifies this is a “Demo only. Chair not available for retail sale.” We did a bit of digging and discovered the M8 Convertible office chair represents the work of a third party. Ukrainian company Metal Works Studio specializes in making interior products based on car parts.

We found this exact seat on their Instagram page where there’s also a lovely table made from an S85 engine, the one and only naturally aspirated V10. They also make clocks from discarded turbos and brakes, along with a bunch of other neat products based on cars built by BMW and other automakers. They’ve also made a similar office chair built from an M5 (F90) seat along with a fancier one from a long-wheelbase 7 Series (G12) Individual, complete with a pillow.

For the BMW fan who has everything, this seems like the perfect gift. The fit and finish seem top-notch, as expected considering it’s a seat sourced from a high-end model of a luxury brand.

If reports are to be believed, the M8 is not long for this world, regardless of body style. That’s because BMW will allegedly pull the plug on the entire 8 Series family within the next two years. The coupe and convertible are apparently not coming back at all. However, there might be a four-door Gran Coupe near the end of the decade as an EV on the Neue Klasse platform.

Source: BMW USA / Instagram