In the world of automotive enthusiasts, few events blend the past and present of motorsport with as much noise and adrenaline as Targa 66. Held over four sun-filled days in Florida at Homestead Speedway, this low-key track event has become a beacon for owners of vintage and modern performance vehicles. Designed to offer a chance to drive at speed among like-minded aficionados, Targa 66 has grown in stature since its inception in 1991 by Brian Redman, a notable British F1 racer and Le Mans competitor from 1967 to 1989 who continues his passion in historic racing.

This year’s event saw an exceptional showcase from BMW USA Classic, bringing together ten iconic BMW vehicles that span decades of motorsport excellence. From vintage race cars to their modern streetcar counterparts, the selection not only highlighted BMW’s rich heritage in motorsports but also illustrated the technological and performance evolution within its fleet.

The Iconic Lineup

Among the stars of the show was the 1971 ALPINA 2002 ti, a car that symbolizes the era when BMW’s sporting DNA began to crystallize. Joining it were the E46 BMW M3 GTR and E92 BMW M3 GTs, each representing pivotal moments in BMW’s racing history with their remarkable achievements on the track. The BMW M8 GTLM/GTE showcased the pinnacle of BMW’s most recent prowess in GT racing, while the BMW M3 Lime Rock Edition and BMW M8 Competition stood as testament to how the spirit of the track can be infused into cars designed for the road. The BMW 2002tii, another gem from the past, served as a reminder of BMW’s innovation and style that has captivated enthusiasts for generations.

In an insightful video, Tom Plucinsky, Head of Product Communications at BMW of North America, took the opportunity to delve into the history and significance of each vehicle presented by BMW USA Classic. His expertise and passion provided a deeper understanding of the engineering marvels and racing successes that have defined BMW Motorsport over the years.