The BMW X5 M and M2 are at opposite ends of the M lineup but the two were surprisingly close in a recent track battle. Car and Driver’s Lightning Lap 2024 edition at the Virginia International Raceway pitted the two M models against each other, and there wasn’t much between them. That’s despite the fact one is a brawny SUV while the other is a compact coupe, separated obviously by a huge weight gap.

Now sold strictly as a Competition model, the 2024 BMW X5 M needed 2 minutes and 58.1 seconds to complete the 4.1-mile course. The nimbler M2 G87 was only 1.2 seconds quicker, crossing the finish line in 2 minutes and 56.9 seconds. It’s worth noting that both M cars had Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

A closer look at the numbers reveals some noteworthy differences. The luxobarge weighed 5,468 pounds whereas the baby M with the automatic transmission tipped the scales at 3,857 pounds. Yes, the SUV is 1,611 pounds heavier, but it does have an advantage of 164 hp over the compact M model, 617 hp vs 453 hp. As tested by Car and Driver, the cars were quite expensive – $141,445 for the X5 M Competition and $67,745 for the M2.

These weren’t the only BMW M cars to take part in the Lightning Lap 2024 test since the limited-run M3 CS special edition of the super sedan was also at VIR. It took 2 minutes and 50 seconds to complete the job, and yet it wasn’t the fastest BMW on the track. That title goes to the M 1000 RR bike with a lap time of 2 minutes and 42.7 seconds.

The fastest-ever BMW car tested by Car and Driver at the circuit was the M4 CSL last year when it finished in 2 minutes and 47.5 seconds. It’ll be interesting to see how the upcoming M4 CS will perform considering it’s going to have all-wheel drive and the same power as the CSL, although it’ll be heavier since it’ll keep the rear seats and add xDrive.

Source: Car and Driver