The X2 M35i is not an M car by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a compact crossover that utilizes a front-wheel-drive-based platform and a small 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped BMW from plastering M badges all over the place. We spent some quality time with this gorgeous example painted in Individual Frozen Tampa Bay and we counted no fewer than 20 badges.

As with other recent M Performance cars, the X2 M35i gets an M logo on the kidney grille. That’s 1. Both front fenders are adorned with the “world’s most powerful letter.” That’s 3 so far. Each wheel/brake combo has three Ms: one on the wheel itself, one on the brake caliper, and another one on the disc/rotor. That’s 15. At the rear, the tailgate features an M35i logo. That’s 16. Stepping inside, the M can be found on the integrated headrests of the seats. That’s 18. In addition, the bottom spoke of the steering wheel has the letter. That’s 19.

Ok, but where’s the 20th M you promised in the headline? Open the hood and you’ll find it on the plastic engine cover. We might have missed a few but our time with the X2 M35i was limited. Needless to say, the abundance of M logos is also noticeable on the X1 M35i, and it should be the same story with the M135i and M235i Gran Coupe debuting later this year.

For a few years already, M Performance cars have also been borrowing the side mirror design and quad exhaust system from the true M models. In addition, you can now get an M340i sedan with a carbon fiber roof, and we’re hearing the M240i will follow suit later in 2024. However, we’re sure there are fewer complaints from enthusiasts about putting the lightweight roof on the M Lite models compared to the overflow of M badges.

BMW certainly knows how to cash in on the brand value created around the M logo since the division was founded over 50 years ago. Some would argue that it’s diluting the meaning of the letter since it originally stood for motorsport. That said, an automaker is a business primarily interested in making money. Not that we’re trying to find an excuse, but Audi is doing the same with its S Line and S models. In addition, Mercedes has all kinds of lesser AMGs, including visual packages and four-cylinder models.