MINI Cooper S

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Check Out This Classic Mini Cooper Engine Rebuild

BMW didn’t own the Mini brand until the ’90s and didn’t revive it as “MINI” until 1999, with the reborn MINI Cooper. So cars like the original Mini Cooper aren’t exactly relevant to the BMW…

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Video: The story of Masa the Monk and his MINI Cooper S

When one talks about the MINI Cooper S, inevitably the go-kart driving experience is referenced. And yet, for some people, a car like this is just right for a meditation session. It’s the case of Masa,…

VIDEO: This is How You Convert a MINI Cooper S for Rally Racing

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Video: New MINI Cooper S reviewed on LoveCars

The MINI line-up is a bit weird at the moment, as the company is going through some drastic changes and is affected by some other issues as well, including poor sales. BMW, its parent company,…

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VIDEO: 2021 MINI Cooper S reviewed on Autocar

MINI is undergoing some serious changes. The model line-up is getting shaken up pretty bad right now, with a second facelift for the hatchback and convertible models being launched earlier this year, to keep it…

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VIDEO: MINI Cooper S Reviewed by Carwow

The entire MINI lineup is getting a second facelift, while the brand takes a bit more time to flesh out its future lineup. For the MINI mainstay, the Cooper S, the new facelift brings a…

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Video: Long-Term MINI Cooper S review goes over pros and cons

We’re loving reviewing cars here but sometimes we miss some things here and there, or we might provide a conclusion that not everyone likes. That’s understandable, as nobody’s perfect, but also predictable since we only…