The BMW M440i and M440d have always been a great choice for buyers who love a little bit of extra power but don’t need the full-blown track capabilities of the M4. For the 2025 model year, the BMW M440i and M440d Coupe and Convertible receive a facelift comprising many small improvements and changes. Here’s everything going on with the 2025 BMW M440i and M440d Coupe and Convertible.

Aggressive Aesthetics

The biggest changes to the M440i and M440d are on the outside. The front grille surround is now painted high-gloss black, and the grille itself sports horizontal slats reminiscent of full-blown M models. In fact, everything that used to be Cerium Gray is now blacked out, lending the M440i and M440d a much more sinister look. Similarly, you’ll also spy M aerodynamic mirror covers lifted straight off the M4. Finally, new, slimmer LED headlight units provide a new lighting signature.

In the back, you’ll spot larger-diameter black-painted tailpipes (100 mm). Exclusive details like a carbon fiber lip rear spoiler and diffuser are also available, further separating these models from other 4 Series models and pre-facelifted variants.

More Focused Cabin Than Ever

The M440i and M440d facelift brings new chairs to the cabin, too. M Sport seats trimmed in Vernasca leather offer enhanced bolstering and add a more motorsports-inspired feel to the interior. These sportier thrones come in a cool black and red or blue color scheme – reminiscent of what you’ll find in the M2 and M4. The standard seats are a bit different, too – now featuring a low-weight and sustainability-minded material dubbed M Performtex. A flat-bottomed steering wheel with a red center mark comes standard across the M Performance lineup of the new facelifted 4 Series.

Powerful Inline-Six Drivetrains

Just like the outgoing model, the 2025 BMW M440i and M440d Coupe and Convertible models boast 3.0-liter inline-six engines. Both utilize a 48-volt mild hybrid system. An eight-speed automatic transmission pairs with both petrol and diesel engines. In the new BMW M440i, the auxiliary electric drive of the 48V starter generator can provide 11 hp of boost to the TwinPower Turbo engine and up to 148 lb-ft of torque, resulting in 375 hp @ 5,200-6,250 rpm. In the U.S., the 2025 BMW M440i gets 386 horsepower. Power doesn’t change year-over-year in the M440d, but with 516 pound-feet of torque (700 Nm) on tap in the M440d, we’re not sure it needed to.

Even More M Performance Parts

20-inch forged wheels? Carbon fiber fuel-filler cap? An M Performance locking button? All this and more are available on the new facelifted BMW 4 Series. Customers have a huge selection of M Performance Parts to choose from, offering enhanced personalization and performance.

Sophisticated New Technology

The new BMW 4 Series Coupe and Convertible both get upgraded to BMW Operating System 8.5. With that change comes a few important improvements, notably QuickSelect and a revamped home page. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto still come standard and are easy to find – just next to the home icon. Augmented View is now available, too, providing Augmented Reality integration with your navigation to make finding your next destination require less hesitation.