Say what you will about the BMW X2 but there’s no denying the new “U10” generation is a major step ahead in terms of design. Gone is the awkward hatchback on stilts that was the “F39” as its successor is now the coupe-SUV it should’ve been from day one. The revamped model is a mini-X6, and it’s particularly attractive with the right options.

This might just be the most appealing 2024 BMW X2 money can buy since it’s the range-topping M Performance version with an Individual paint and the largest wheels. Filmed at the BMW Welt in Munich, the X2 M35i is finished in Frozen Portimao Blue and sits on stately 21-inch wheels that have a silver and black finish. Lurking from behind are the red brake calipers, which can be painted in gray if you splurge on the optional compound brakes that have an M logo.

Customer deliveries of the newest Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) are scheduled to commence in March 2024. In the meantime, BMW is generating more buzz around the X2, and while the old one did have an M35i variant, it lacked a fully electric version. For the first time, there’s a zero-emission iX2 that is almost identical in terms of appearance to gasoline/diesel versions by using the same UKL2 platform.

Aside from the revamped styling and the introduction of an EV version, the second-generation X2 has gone through another major change. No, we’re not talking about the adoption of iDrive 9 but rather the car’s massive bump in size. The “U10” model in M Performance flavor is 4567 millimeters (179.8 inches) long, 1845 mm (72.6 in) wide, and 1575 mm (62 in) tall, with a wheelbase of 2692 mm (106 in).

It’s still smaller than the X4 but we’re hearing the new X2 will eventually supersede the X4 since BMW apparently doesn’t intend to give the X4 a next-gen model. Well, at least not with combustion engines because we have it on good authority there might be an iX4 on the Neue Klasse architecture. Once the G02 will bow out near the end of 2025, this new X2 could indirectly fill that void.

Source: paul_m8 / YouTube