BMW unveiled the second-generation X2 in October 2023 before kicking off series production only a couple of weeks later. A new video goes deep inside the Regensburg factory where the magic happens to show how the iX2 comes alive. It’s the first time since the crossover-coupe mashup was launched in 2017 that buyers can opt for a fully electric powertrain.

The German luxury brand is one of the few automakers to sell basically the same car with a choice between a combustion engine or an electric setup. In the case of the mechanically related X1 – which is also built in Regensburg – the lineup is even more diverse since there are plug-in hybrid versions. BMW calls this strategy the “Power of Choice” and argues the powertrain should not impact a vehicle’s appearance.

The X2 and iX2 look virtually the same, following an identical strategy used for the X1 / iX1 as well as bigger vehicles such as the X3 / iX3, 4 Series Gran Coupe / i4, 5 Series / i5, and the 7 Series / i7. In China, there’s also an i3 Sedan based on the long-wheelbase 3 Series Sedan available locally with combustion engines.

BMW has sadly decided against bringing the iX2 to the United States where the iX1 is also a no-show. Where the zero-emission crossover is available, it comes exclusively in iX2 xDrive30 guise. However, the portfolio will grow later this year to include a cheaper X2 eDrive20 with front-wheel drive and a single motor, therefore echoing the iX1 eDrive20.

The Regensburg plant where the iX2 calls home is also the place where BMW puts together the 1 Series. As many as 1,000 vehicles roll off the assembly line each day thanks to a three-shift operation after recently introducing a night shift. More than €350 million have been invested at the factory in the past few months, creating about 500 extra permanent jobs.

Later this year, the factory will undergo additional changes to accommodate the production of the next-generation 1 Series. Unlike the two crossovers, the new hatchback (codenamed F70) is not getting the electric treatment. In fact, we haven’t even heard anything about the possibility of a plug-in hybrid powertrain.