As long as your bank account can handle it, BMW offers a vast array of personalization options for the M4 Coupe. This high-end build is a prime example of how someone with deep pockets can go wild with the configurator and spend a not-so-small fortune on the performance coupe. A German dealer in Wuppertal has kindly allowed us to share these images of a stunning G82 decked out with numerous upgrades.

Made famous by the limited-run M5 CS, the Frozen Deep Green matte paint from the Individual catalog looks great on the M4 Competition. Another feature this car has in common with the four-door rocket is the striking gold finish of the wheels. This is a 1000 M set from the M Performance Parts catalog, providing a striking contrast to create an even more eye-catching coupe. A subtle carbon fiber body kit rounds off the list of tweaks on the outside.

BMW M4 Frozen Deep Green / Procar Automobile GmbH M-Stützpunkt Wuppertal

As for the cabin, whoever configured this brand-new car decided to go with a daring specification considering we’ve rarely seen green cars with the Silverstone/Black interior. Since this is a hotter Competition version, power is routed to the wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. You can only get the manual on the base M4. The CSL was also auto-only, much like the CS coming later in 2024.

Speaking of the CS, the hot derivative is likely to come in a special spec considering last year’s M3 CS Sedan had some extra personalization goodies over the standard model. You won’t be losing the rear seats on the M4 CS since the special edition won’t be as hardcore as the two-seater CSL. Another difference between the two will be the adoption of xDrive instead of sticking to a rear-wheel-drive layout.

But before the M4 CS sees the light of day, BMW is expected to give the regular M4 a mild Life Cycle Impulse very soon.

Source: Procar Automobile GmbH M-Stützpunkt Wuppertal / BimmerToday]