Arguably the most controversial BMW in decades, the XM can appear even more polarizing with a custom body kit. Larte Design unveiled its comprehensive aftermarket package at the end of last year, and now there’s a walkaround video featuring the sinister SUV. Keep in mind, this is an XM Label, aka the most powerful production vehicle to ever carry the famous roundel.

The body kit is also compatible with the standard XM as well as the lesser XM 50e sold in select markets with an inline-six plug-in hybrid setup to dodge taxes on large-displacement engines. All the goodies are manufactured from carbon fiber and lend the M mastodont a meaner stance. Just about everything you can think of is included in the package. From a new vented hood and fender flares to a diffuser and spoiler – Larte Design can completely transform the vehicle’s appearance.

We’ll be the first to admit that the G09 already looks over the top in standard guise, and this customized variant only makes it even more striking. Nevertheless, there must be a market out there for these bold visual packages, considering tuners known for their eccentric builds, such as Mansory, are thriving. Those purchasing the XM aren’t paying top dollar for extra performance since the X5 M Competition is just as fast. XM customers appreciate its wild design, and Larte Design can kick it up a notch.

Beyond the attention-grabbing body kit, which comes with a hefty price tag of €42,000, there are also 23-inch forged wheels. The shiny shoes have a glossy black finish and a rather unusual disc-like design with five integrated spokes.

It remains to be seen how many tuners will turn their attention to the XM given the small customer base. Because of its lofty asking price, the dedicated M model is highly unlikely to become a strong seller. Case in point, BMW USA delivered only 2,315 units last year.

Source: RoCars / YouTube