German tuner LARTE Design has released their exquisite carbon fiber body kit, tailor-made for the ultra-limited edition BMW XM LABEL RED. With only 500 of these XM SUVs prowling the streets, LARTE’s kit injects adds additional exclusivity and aggression into this already head-turning M SUV.

17 Carbon Fiber Parts In The Kit

But the LARTE Performance body kit is no ordinary makeover. It consists of 17 carbon parts, each shaped by the skilled hands of LARTE masters. The process starts with a life-size clay model right on the vehicle, ensuring every curve and contour is perfection. Among the standout features of the extensive body kit is the carbon hood, boasting a captivating three-dimensional structure. LARTE engineers have provided a rainwater drainage system to prevent water from accumulating on the hood. The LARTE hood is installed at the same mounting points as the standard one.

Red Accents Everywhere

Next, the front splitter also gets carbon fiber inserts and red accents, while the massive kidney grille will be easily distinguished, thanks to its illuminated outer edges wrapped in red as well. For those seeking even more personalization, LARTE offers the option to swap out the red-framed XM logo in the kidneys for a sleek carbon version. The side moldings and sill covers add to the expressive silhouette, while wheel arch extenders give it a robust road presence. And did we mention the 23-inch red-trimmed forged wheels? They will definitely turn heads!

Let’s dive into the exhaust game. The vertical hexagonal twin pipes now come enhanced with carbon fiber tips. No more settling for the stock version – these tips match the bumper size, cranking up the aggression and exclusivity. LARTE claims that the carbon is heat resistant and securely mounted, playing nice with the factory exhaust system. The LARTE diffuser, with its custom carbon exhaust tips and those attention-grabbing extra brake lights, add even more interesting details to the car.

Lastly, there is a sleek lower element on the trunk lid and an upper sporty spoiler with aerodynamic fins, adding the finishing touches to the dynamic look of this automobile.

Price at 42,000 euros

But the personal touch doesn’t stop there. LARTE offers two finishes for the body kit – 100% European-quality carbon or a premium composite material based on basalt fiber, customizable to your car’s color or black gloss. The premium carbon version, including the hood and wheel arch extenders, is priced at around 42,000 euros, while the basalt version is about 30% less. You can all the details on the LARTE Design website.