2024 has arrived, and with it comes the release of sales figures from BMW’s regional branches for the year that just concluded. BMW USA takes the lead, proudly announcing record deliveries after shipping 362,244 cars to customers. A detailed table provides a sales breakdown per model, allowing us to identify the winners (and losers) of 2023.

We’ve been keeping an eye on XM sales and the final numbers show 2,315 people bought the plug-in hybrid SUV last year. Deliveries didn’t start until later in spring so 2024 will be the model’s first full year on sale. Keep in mind that BMW projects the United States will be the vehicle’s most popular market, with a market share of 26%. Up next is China with 23%, followed by the Middle East with 8%. Germany and South Korea are each expected to account for 7% of demand.

Considering its hefty price tag, it’s no surprise that the XM was the third slowest-selling model in the US, after the Z4 (which actually had a good YoY result) and the X2. The latter was sold in just 191 examples, but this is understandable as production of the crossover-coupe’s first generation (F39) concluded in 2022. Hence, those 191 vehicles were likely leftovers sitting on dealer lots. The new U10 model should turn things around for the niche model, although it’s sad the fully electric iX2 is not coming to the US.

Percentage-wise, the iX saw the biggest jump year over year, with deliveries increasing by 205.4% to 17,301. The new X1 also had an excellent 2023 when shipments reached 21,042 or 196.2% more than in 2022. Notable mentions include the 7 Series (10,811 units, +80.9%) and the 4 Series (50,777 units, +37.4%).

As for volume, the best-selling BMW in the United States last year was an SUV. Shocker, right? Recently facelifted, the X5 accumulated sales of 72,573 vehicles, followed by the smaller X3 with 63,172 units. The last place of the podium was occupied by the 4 Series with 50,777 cars but bear in mind this number includes all versions (coupe, convertible, and the Gran Coupe / i4).

On a related note, MINI also had a solid 2023 overall as deliveries rose by 13.5% to 33,497 cars. The new Countryman coming this year to the US with combustion engines and an electric powertrain should fuel demand.

Source: BMW USA