The upcoming 2025 BM M2 CS (G87) is now an open secret. While the M brand has yet to confirm their new supped up M2, spy photos paint a pretty clear picture. A new set of spy shots arrive from the Nurburgring where a BMW M2 CS (G87) test mule was spotted. The latest set of spy shots has revealed key details about the forthcoming M2 CS, hinting at a performance-oriented powerhouse.

Carbon ceramic brakes, reserved for the most exclusive high-performance M cars, were fitted to the test car, suggesting that BMW will offer them – likely as an option – on the M2 CS G87. Peaking from the side and you can easily spot the carbon bucket seats. In contrast to the carbon ceramic brakes, we expect the bucket seats to be standard on the car. Of course, the ducktail is still there and it will end up on the final production car as well. This design element harks back to the legendary E46 M3 CSL, serving both as a homage to BMW’s motorsport heritage and as a functional enhancement to aerodynamics.

Photo by Chi Chung

The power output of the 2025 BMW M2 CS remains a closely guarded secret. However, we’re expect somewhere around 518 horsepower. While this figure might seem substantial in comparison to the base BMW M2’s 453 horsepower, it’s aligned with the trajectory set by the upcoming enhancements anticipated for the BMW M3 and M4 Competition models in 2024. Powering the M2 CS is the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, providing a seamless link between the roaring engine and the rear wheels. It’s worth noting that, contrary to some enthusiasts’ hopes, the M2 CS will not offer a six-speed manual transmission option.

A New Positioning Color

Photo by Chi Chung

BMW enthusiasts can anticipate an array of exterior colors that will grace the M2 CS’s bodywork. Dubbed the “positioning color,” a special hue will add a layer of exclusivity. While specific details remain under wraps, sources have hinted that an iconic BMW M exterior color will be offered for the G87 M2 CS. And it’s not blue. Traditional favorites like Black Sapphire, Alpine White, and Brooklyn Grey are expected to make a stylish appearance in the car’s color palette, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Launch Date

Production of the new BMW M2 CS G87 is allegedly scheduled for August 2025 so we expect deliveries to begin in the fall. Of course, just like all BMW CS models, this one will be limited as well. But the final production number is unknown at the moment.

[Photos by Chi Chung]