In 2024, the MINI brand is poised for significant developments. Following several years of numerous facelifts, the premium compact brand is prepared to introduce an entirely new range of vehicles. The preceding year provided a glimpse of what’s to come, showcasing the upcoming MINI Cooper electric (J01), MINI Countryman (U25) (including the JCW version), and offering a behind-the-scenes look at a combustion-powered Cooper. Notably, the electric Cooper marks the final MINI model to feature a gasoline engine. With a clear vision for the future, the brand is committed to achieving full electrification by 2030, ushering in a new era with a next-generation car built on the Neue Klasse architecture.

MINI Cooper F66 (3-door)

MINI will kick off the year with production series of the internal combustion-powered MINI Cooper. The three-door F66 will start production in March 2024 at the Oxford plant in England. There will be two models launching – a MINI Cooper C and Cooper S – but with only the latter coming to the United States, at least initially. The entry-level Cooper C will be powered by BMW’s 1.5 liter 3-cylinder B38 engine delivering 155 horsepower. The Cooper S moves up in power and in displacement. Powered by the 2.0 liter four-cylinder B48, the Cooper S will deliver around 200 horsepower.

Of course, the John Cooper Works brand will live on. The F66 MINI Cooper JCW will sit at the top of the rand, using the same B48 engine, but with around 228 horsepower. Naturally, it will come with plenty of visual upgrades and special trims. All these Cooper models will continue using the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

MINI Cooper F65 (5-door)

July 2024 will bring two additional Cooper variants. The five-door F65 C and S will enter production Oxford with once again the Cooper S coming to the United States. The power output should be identical to the three-door models: 155 horsepower and 200 hp, respectively. The MINI Cooper John Cooper Works (F65) won’t arrive until November 2024 and will also deliver around 228 horsepower.

MINI Cooper F67 (Convertible)

In November, MINI will also begin production of their F67 Cooper convertible models. There will be three different variants: F67 Cooper C (155 horsepower), S (200 horsepower) and JCW (228 horsepower). It’s unclear which Cooper F67 model will come to the United States, but our bets go on the S or John Cooper Works variants.

MINI Countryman U25

We all love a small and nimble MINI Cooper, but it will be the new Countryman U25 model that will carry the torch in the United States. The third-generation Countryman is now more mature, and certainly larger in size, with a British-inspired design that will likely satisfy the needs of US customers. We’ve already seen the MINI Countryman in the electric variant and we will soon have a chance to drive.

Production of the new Countryman will kick off production in March 2024. There are no less than five variants launching at the same time: MINI Countryman C (167 hp), Countryman D (TBD), Countryman E (204 hp), Countryman SE (313 hp), Countryman S (218 hp in Europe / 241 hp in America), and the John Cooper Works (296 hp in Europe / 312 hp in America). All the diesel and gasoline-powered Countrymans will use the 7-speed DCT. All MINI Countryman models will be manufactured in Leipzig, Germany.

Launched as Model Year 2025 in the United States, the MINI Countryman SE ALL4 will start at $45,200 while the MINI Countryman S ALL4 has an MSRP of $38,900. The 2024 MINI Countryman JCW variant will be built alongside the regular third-generation Countryman versions in Leipzig, Germany. Production for the US market is scheduled to kick off in March 2024, with dealers expected to get the first cars in early May. Pricing starts at $46,900, plus $995 in destination and handling fees.

MINI Cooper Electric (J01)

While MINI’s marketing team loves to emphasize their commitment to combustion engines, at least for the short term, the focus of the brand will be on electro-mobility. There will be two variants of the MINI Cooper J01 electric: E and S. An electric MINI Cooper John Cooper Works is planned as well, but no technical specs are available at this time. All electric Coopers are manufactured at Spotlight Automotive’s plant in China, a joint venture between Great Wall Motor and BMW. As far as technical specifications are concerned, the 2024 MINI Cooper E has an electric motor producing 184 horsepower (135 kilowatts) and an instant torque of 290 Newton meters (213 pound-feet). Step up to the SE variant and the output grows to 218 hp (160 kW) and 330 Nm (243 lb-ft).

Stick to the Cooper E and you’ll get a 40.7-kWh battery with enough energy for a maximum range of 190 miles (305 kilometers) in the WLTP test cycle. Step up to the Cooper SE and the battery is upgraded to a 54.2-kWh pack with juice for 250 miles (402 kilometers).

The J01 MINI Cooper Electric variants won’t initially come to the United States. MINI plans to shift some of its production to Oxford in 2026 and that’s when we will likely see them in the United States as well.