MINI has unveiled the new Countryman and MINI Cooper SE Electric, the latest additions to the brand’s electric vehicle lineup. To learn more about the two cars, we teamed up with Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. In this video, Heilmer explains that the new Countryman is a larger, more rugged SUV than the previous generation, while the MINI Cooper SE Electric is a smaller, more stylish hatchback. Both cars feature a number of design changes that are inspired by the original MINI Cooper. The Countryman has a more upright front end with larger headlights, while the MINI Cooper SE Electric has a more minimalist design with round headlights and a Union Jack taillight design.

Analog and Digital Interiors

Inside, both cars feature a simplified dashboard with a large round digital display in the center. The MINI Cooper SE Electric also has a toggle bar that controls the car’s climate and infotainment systems. Both cars come leather-free interiors, including a wide range of different knitted fabrics. Of course, the typical MINI toggle switches will stay, but they are paired with a lot of digital functions. Heilmer also said that the interior of the new MINI cars is designed to be “as it used to look for decades.” This means that MINI is going back to its roots with a minimalist and driver-focused design.

In the interview, Oliver Heilmer, Head of Design MINI, said that the next generation of MINI electric vehicles is based on three pillars:

  • The electrified go-kart: MINI wants to retain the fun and engaging driving experience that is synonymous with the brand, even with its electric vehicles.
  • Digitized community: MINI wants to create a seamless and connected user experience for its electric vehicles.
  • Small footprint: MINI wants to continue to offer its cars in a variety of body styles, including small hatchbacks and SUVs.

All Electric Brand by 2030

The new MINI Countryman and MINI Cooper SE Electric are significant steps forward for the brand. They offer more space, more technology, and more electric power than ever before. These cars are sure to appeal to a wide range of buyers, from families to city dwellers.

Here are some of the key features of the new MINI Countryman and MINI Cooper SE Electric:

  • Larger and more rugged design for the Countryman
  • More minimalist and driver-focused interior
  • Choice of gasoline, diesel, and electric powertrains
  • Up to 240 miles of range for the MINI Cooper SE Electric
  • Seamless and connected user experience

The new MINI Countryman will be available with a choice of gasoline, diesel, and electric powertrains. The new MINI Countryman and MINI Cooper SE Electric are scheduled to go on sale in 2024.