Friday, December 22nd, at 11AM Munich time, BMW M will release a Christmas commercial featuring the upcoming BMW M5 Wagon. Of course, the company won’t fully reveal the sporty wagon, that’s scheduled for next summer, but we will get a glimpse at its body style. Judging by the trailer posted, an M5 Wagon / Touring prototype was covered in a festive camouflage. It also looks like the practical M5 will be this year’s sleigh of Santa Claus which makes things even more interesting. A brief 15-second video captures Santa Claus perusing letters and wish lists before heading to his BMW M5 Touring in the garage.

The Most Powerful Sleigh Ever

Photo by @therealbstew

The new BMW M5 generation is arguably one of the most exciting car products of 2024, not just within BMW. The upcoming 7th generation of the M5 business sedan will be available in two versions: the G90 M5 Sedan and G99 M5 Touring. Surprisingly, both models will make their way to the United States. While BMW chose not to bring the M3 Touring to the American market, they’ve addressed that by introducing the M5 Wagon.

A 2025 BMW M5 Touring prototype was spotted in Los Angeles, of course with the typical BMW camouflage. And it’s exactly what you’d expect: a wide and imposing sports wagon. Staying true to its M lineage, the BMW M5 Wagon adopts a wide-body style that distinguishes it from the typical 5 Series models. Of course, he rear fenders boast substantial width, delivering a visual distinction from the sedan variant.

Over 700 Horsepower

Santa Claus’ sleigh is also impressive when it comes to performance. It uses the same drivetrain as in the BMW XM combining a plug-in hybrid system with the brand-new S68 4.4-liter V8 engine, resulting in a formidable output of 718 horsepower (unconfirmed) for its standard model. Although the exact torque figures are not yet confirmed, we anticipate them to be on par with the BMW XM Label Red, boasting 738 lb-ft of torque. As a plug-in hybrid, the upcoming BMW M5 Touring will also operate on electric power, but don’t expect a massive range.

If the BMW XM Label Red does 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, we expect the lighter BMW M5 Wagon to be slightly quicker. So don’t be surprised if this will be not only the most powerful M5 ever offered, but also the fastest. It does have some big shoes to fill though since our favorite F90 M5 CS can run the same distance in 2.9 seconds.