Well, this was bound to happen. Shortly after Rolls-Royce kicked off deliveries of its first-ever production electric vehicle, the Spectre has already been modified. One of the first silent luxobarges shipped from the Goodwood factory to the United States has lost its original wheels because a 23-inch set was apparently too small. The RR of EVs now rides on an even larger 26-inch set that frankly doesn’t look like overkill. Of course, we could be wrong in our assessment.

It’s because the Spectre is a huge car, stretching at 5475 millimeters (215.5 inches) long, 2017 mm (79.4 in) wide, and 1573 mm (61.9 in) tall. It has a massive wheelbase of 3210 mm (126.3 in) and weighs a gargantuan 2,890 kilograms (6,371 pounds). Riding on skinny tires, this all-black behemoth with a shiny grille hasn’t been lowered. It looks downright imposing and has a spectacular presence, especially with these bigger custom wheels. Later in the video, we can see the Spectre reverting to its original 23-inch set.

One must wonder how fitting bigger wheels impacts range considering the regular Spectre doesn’t necessarily excel in that regard. We’ll remind you it has a WLTP rating of 329 miles (530 kilometers) but with 26-inch wheels, efficiency surely takes a hit. That probably won’t be a deal breaker for the typical Rolls-Royce buyer, especially those who want to stand out even more with their opulent vehicles.

Spectre is off to a strong start since the ultra-luxury British brand has enough orders to keep busy until 2025. In the meantime, RR might be preparing a Black Badge version with extra oomph from the electric motors. Certification documents filed with the Australian government showed a Spectre Black Badge with 650 horsepower, therefore echoing the BMW i7 M70.

Spectre is the first of several EVs to come since RR has vowed to abandon the venerable V12 engine by the end of the decade. Yes, the makers of the world’s most luxurious vehicles will go purely electric from around 2030.

Source: RDB LA / YouTube