The weirdest drag race of the week comes from Carwow. The German arm of the popular Youtubers put together a quirky and unique drag race. The BMW M3 Competition takes on two electric cars: the California-based Tesla and the Shanghai-based Nio. The G80 M3 goes head-to-head with the Tesla Model 3 Performance and with the Nio ET5. Each of these powerhouses boasts around 500 horsepower, combining for a colossal 1,500-plus horsepower.

Comparable Power

The power spectrum ranges from 490 horsepower in the Nio ET5 to 513 horsepower in the Tesla. In this case, the G80 M3, equipped with the M xDrive all-wheel drive, closely follows the Tesla with 510 horsepower. Torque wise, the M3 brings 479 lb-ft to the table, the Model 3 Performance comes with 487 lb-ft and ET5 delivers 516 lb-ft. Weight wise: the G80 M3 comes in at 1855 kilograms, Model 3 weighs 1919 kg and ET5 is the heaviest with 2160 kg.

In the first drag race, commencing at 1:53, the G80 M3 encounters a less-than-ideal start despite using active launch control. However, in both the second race, starting at 2:35, and the third race, beginning at 3:30, the combustion engine dominates, leaving the electric cars no chance and securing a decisive victory in the quarter-mile sprint. The Tesla Model 3 Performance consistently edges out the Nio ET5, but all three vehicles operate at an exceptionally high level. It’s evident that electric cars pose a formidable challenge for combustion engines, especially in those critical initial moments.

From 5:00 onwards, the three-way battle transitions to everyday driving conditions with a rolling start. As expected, the BMW M3 struggles in this scenario, requiring several gear shifts during an unexpected kickdown before achieving full acceleration. The Tesla Model 3 and Nio ET5, on the other hand, effortlessly unleash their maximum performance and quickly leave the M3 behind.

At 5:35, we witness the remarkable difference in the BMW M3’s performance when all settings are dialed to their sportiest. Nevertheless, the M3 only truly shines when it’s in the optimal gear at the start of the drag race, as seen from 6:35 when it starts at 80 km/h in third gear, enabling it to pull ahead seamlessly right from the beginning. Let’s take a look! The video is in German, but you can use the subtitles function to translate into your own language.