Tesla Model 3

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BMW i4 Can be Even More Efficient Than the Tesla Model 3

Tesla has long been the undisputed king of electric range in the industry. One of the reasons Teslas get such impressive range is their powertrain efficiency, which is usually superior to their competitors’. If a…

BMW i4 vs Tesla Model 3 1 of 3 830x553

BMW i4 Review: Is it better than the Tesla Model 3?

In a new video review, UK’s CarBuyer takes the BMW i4 for a spin to see how it compares, and if it’s indeed better, than the current market leader Tesla Model 3. Nicola Hume gets…

VIDEO: BMW i4 vs Tesla Model 3 — Electrifying

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BMW i4 vs Polestar 2 vs Tesla Model 3 — Auto Express Test

For years, the Tesla Model 3 remained mostly unchallenged. While there were other electric cars on the market, none offered the same combination of size, performance, range, practicality, and semi-affordable price as the Model 3….

BMW i4 vs Tesla Model 3 1 of 3 830x553

Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW i4 – The Ultimate Test

Nicki Shields, TV presenter and Formula E host, joins the Electrifying team this week to test the all-new BMW i4 against its main competitor – the Tesla Model 3. She’s joined by Ginny Buckley, British…