The Neue Klasse-based 3 Series electric will be called the BMW i3 and will arrive in 2026. Along with a sedan version, codename NA0, BMW is also planning a wagon variant – the BMW i3 Touring. The 3 Series Touring is one of the most important models for the European market. Therefore, a Neue Klasse BMW i3 Touring is also expected in 2026. It will be produced under the codename NA1 and will largely be based on the sedan version.

BMW i3 Touring – A Great Alternative to Electric SUVs

While the BMW i3 Touring’s design remains shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that the standard i3 sedan draws heavy inspiration from the Vision Neue Klasse concept. Building on this, Sugar Design, a rendering artist, endeavors to envision a BMW i3 Sedan infused with the Vision Neue Klasse’s design elements. The profile undergoes a dramatic transformation, starting with a rear window redesign. In the Neue Klasse Concept sedan, the rear door and window is part of the Hofmeister Kink, while in the i3 Touring the kink connects to the D pillar.

On the side you can see a long crease above the shoulder line which extends from the front fenders into the trunk connecting with the top area of the taillights. Of course, being a touring, the rendering also shows what a split tailgate would look like. Furthermore, the roof gains the necessary spoiler which helps with downforce and aerodynamics. The BMW 3 Series Touring, a paragon of practicality, caters to those who carry cargo like roof boxes and bikes, hence the practical roof rails. The integration of traditional door handles are closer to a production ready model than the touchless doors we saw on the Neue Klasse concept.

Brand New Interior, iDrive 10 and Panoramic Display

The fresh look will be complemented by an all-new interior that will also take the “less is more approach.” BMW will further reduce complexity by moving most functions within a centrally positioned touchscreen for the new iDrive 10. It’s even deleting the instrument cluster by replacing it with a head-up display as wide as the dashboard. There is also the Panoramic Display, a new way of digitally displaying information across the entire windshied.

In the past, BMW said Neue Klasse will be more than just a dedicated electric car platform. It will fundamentally change the Bavarian brand and is going to usher in the sixth-generation battery technology with round cells providing more range, improved energy density, and faster charging. So it won’t be just about a fresh design but also about a new approach to production, digital integrations and driving dynamics.

We will get a first glimpse at a Neue Klasse model in 2025 when BMW will launch the iX3 crossover. But in the meantime, the company is planning some additional concept variants to showcase the progress in the Neue Klasse design since its introduction as a vision car.

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