BMW may have gone overboard with M-badged SUVs but it did launch a first-ever M3 Touring last year and is about to bring back the M5 wagon. Codenamed G99, the new big performance estate has been caught roaming the streets of Munich in an extended spy video shot from behind. We get to stare at those wide hips for more than five minutes during which we can also observe the big roof spoiler and the typical quad exhaust.

The “E” at the end of its license plate is a telltale sign we’re dealing with an electrified prototype, further confirmed by the charging port in the front fender on the driver’s side. The M5 Touring will be BMW’s second full-fat M model with a plug-in hybrid powertrain by following the XM from which it’ll inherit the hardware. The twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 will work in conjunction with an electric motor to deliver a combined output of over 700 horsepower.

If you’re concerned about how heavy it’s going to be, so are we. Given the jump in size of the eighth-generation 5 Series and the extra hardware commanded by the PHEV setup, it’ll certainly put on some serious weight. Consequently, we’re expecting it to be substantially heavier than the old G31 M550i Touring. To give you a rough idea, the newly launched 550e xDrive weighs 2,155 kilograms (4,751 pounds) but it only has an inline-six rather than the V8 earmarked for the M5. In addition, wagons are typically a bit heavier than the equivalent sedans.

Seeing the glass half full, enthusiasts should be happy the M division is still putting eight cylinders underneath the hood while Mercedes-AMG is rumored to downsize the next E63 to a six-cylinder engine. In addition, combining a big V8 with an electric motor will create the most powerful M5 ever and the second-most potent BMW in history, after the 748-hp XM Label Red.

The wraps won’t come off until later in 2024, after the regular 5 Series Touring debuts early next year together with the long-roof i5, complete with a spicy M60 derivative.

Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube