The BMW M3 Touring isn’t a model that needs certain options to become desirable since the super wagon is one of the few true all-in-one cars even in its most basic form. Well, an entry-level G81 isn’t exactly barebones since you get a lot of standard equipment from the get-go. That’s to be expected considering the steep asking price. Throw in a few extra goodies and you end up with a long-roof M3 that carries an eye-watering price tag.

Such is the case here with a build that has more than a few boxes ticked on the options list. For starters, it’s painted in an Individual Color – Riviera Blue – and has more than its fair share of M Performance Parts. The most striking upgrade is noticeable at the rear where the M3 Touring has been fitted with the centrally mounted stacked exhaust tips originally introduced for the M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe a few years ago. The smaller M2 G87 can also be fitted with the polarizing exhaust setup.

This M3 Touring is chock-full of carbon fiber parts, right down to the front canards. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the anniversary badges launched by BMW in 2022 to mark 50 years of its M division. Other special items include the 1000 M forged wheels with a Jet Black finish, a cargo box color-coordinated with the body, M Driver’s Package, and the M Shadowline treatment to black out certain parts of the car.

All told, you’re looking at a car that costs 156,190 CHF in Switzerland where this M3 Touring is exhibited at Auto/Mobil Basel. That works out to nearly €163,000 at current exchange rates. For reference, the base G81 retails from 130,700 CHF (€136,300) in the country.

Even this pricey build is missing some options as we’re noticing it has the M Compound brakes rather than the carbon-ceramic set while the Merino leather interior has the standard seats instead of the body-hugging carbon bucket seats. Should a CS special edition get approved for production, BMW will have an even more expensive M3 Touring on the way.

Source: Planet Car News / YouTube