For the most part, we’ve only seen the BMW M3 Touring in pretty normal specs. BMW still hasn’t begun deliveries so you aren’t going to see many interesting configurations just yet. However, this one from the 2022 Essen Motor Show is a good example of how fun and creative customers can get with it. Not only is it wearing M Performance parts but it’s painted in a very pretty Riviera Blue.

The M Performance parts seen on this M3 Touring are pretty typical for the M3. It has a carbon fiber front lip, rear diffuser, front canards, and a rear bumper lip. The rear diffuser comes with the oddly stacked exhausts, too. It’s also wearing 20-inch gold M Performance wheels, which accent the Riviera Blue paintwork beautifully. Interestingly, these wheels are wrapped in Yokohama Advan tires. No knock on those tires, they’re great, it’s just unusual to see any BMW product without Michelins.

Inside, it has your typical M Performance parts bin upgrades. So it gets the steering wheel with Alcantara side bolsters and likely has an Alcantara armrest to match. We’ve already seen the entire catalog of M Performance parts for the M3, so there’s nothing really new here.

However, it is interesting to see a BMW M3 Touring looking far more aggressive than the standard car. With its carbon fiber exterior bits, large gold wheels, and lowered ride height, it looks pretty good. M Performance offers a set of adjustable coilovers and it looks like this car has them, as it sits quite low, eliminating the wheel gap. However, it looks like it could use some wheel spacers, just to sit them flush to the fenders.

The star of the show, though, is the color. Riviera Blue is a killer color, one that makes the M3 Touring look far more special than anything you can option from the normal options sheet. If I could afford such a car and lived in a market where it was sold, I’d absolutely get myself an M3 Touring in a color like Riviera Blue (or some kind of purple) because it would be the perfect daily driver. Although, I’d skip that rear diffuser and those weird stacked exhausts and I’d also buy ADRO’s front bumper replacement because it fixes the M3’s freakish front end beautifully. But those are two big “ifs” that aren’t becoming realities anytime soon, so I’ll just have to admire this one from a far.