This 2023 BMW M2 was a veritable globetrotter even before the owner took delivery. An Alpine White example with the Steptronic, the sports car was shipped from San Luis Potosi in Mexico all the way to the BMW Welt in Munich. We’re talking about a distance of nearly 10,000 kilometers (over 6,000 miles) between where the vehicle was made in Mexico and where it was delivered in Germany.

This is the very first G87 to be picked up via the vehicle collection program, and BMW took to Instagram to show off the car. We also get to see the enthusiastic owner dressed for the occasion by wearing a black t-shirt with BMW M Motorsport branding. Earlier this year, a similar post on social media featured the first XM to be picked up from BMW Welt.

As a refresher, there are two options as far as taking delivery of a new car from the Welt. You can either go for the Premium Package or the more expensive Exclusive Package. The lesser package costs €960 and provides access to the lounge where refreshments are available. After you watch a virtual presentation of the car and attend a session in the Product Info Center, the vehicle handover takes place. You are then invited to take a tour of the adjacent factory and visit the museum as well.

Spend €1,320 and you’ll be chauffeured to the BMW Welt. The handover is done in a dedicated, separate area where an expert takes you on a thorough tour of all the car’s functions. After all that “work,” you can relax by enjoying a four-course menu in the Bavarie by Käfer restaurant with its rooftop terrace providing a great view of the Olympic Park and the Olympic Tower of Munich.

It was a much shorter journey for the original M2 to the BMW Welt taking into consideration the F87 was built in Leipzig, located at about 430 kilometers (267 miles) away from Munich.

Source: BMW Welt / Instagram