With customer deliveries of the 2023 XM officially underway, it was only a matter of time before someone would pay extra to take delivery from the BMW Welt in Munich. The German luxury brand took to social media to show off the very first plug-in hybrid SUV ordered with this cool option. It’s a sinister all-black specification, 23-inch wheels, and a Silverstone leather interior.

How much did it cost to have the dedicated M model ready for delivery at the Welt? According to the official website, there are two ways to go: Exclusive Package (€1,320) and Premium Package (€960). Both prices include transportation fees. As to what sets them apart to justify the €360 premium, the more expensive pack also has a four-course menu in a fancy restaurant. In addition, you’re chauffeured to the BMW Welt where the handover takes place in a separate area.

While both packages include a virtual presentation of the vehicle provided by a BMW specialist, the Exclusive Package also provides a thorough explanation of the vehicle’s functions. Both packages can be ordered together with a visit to the museum or the BMW Group Classic. It should be mentioned the car arrives at the Welt a day before the handover takes place. It’s washed and cleaned before it gets a polish and then a technician does a final inspection.

In the XM’s case, the SUV is shipped all the way from the United States as BMW exclusively makes its flagship M model at the Spartanburg factory in South Carolina where the X5 through X7 SUVs are also assembled. Needless to say, the company doesn’t reveal the nationality of this XM’s owner but we do know BMW expects half of the sales to come from the US and China. The biggest European market for the model is projected to be Germany with 7% of the total volume.

As a final note, it was only a few days ago when one of the first 3.0 CSLs was delivered at the BMW Welt. Speaking of the CSL, an impressive 67 M3 E46 CSLs were there as well to celebrate the car’s 20th anniversary.

Source: BMW Welt / Instagram