It’s almost never the right time to buy a sports car because the next best version is always around the corner. Case in point, the second-generation M2 hit the market only a few months ago, and yet BMW is already testing a hotter variant. The baby M car will be getting the CS treatment once again, as evidenced in these new spy shots taken at the Nürburgring.

Although the prototype is fully camouflaged, it’s easy to see the extended spoiler lip lending the front fascia a more muscular appearance. Previous encounters have revealed the M2 CS will have an integrated trunk lid spoiler in the same vein as the ducktail spoiler of the M3 CSL and the more recent M4 CSL. More standard-fit carbon fiber is planned to mirror other CS models launched in recent years.

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Looking at this test vehicle, we can’t figure out what paint it’s wearing, but sources have told us BMW will give it at least one exclusive hue. Speaking of colors, one can’t help but wonder whether yellow daytime running lights are planned seeing as how recent CS models have had them. The spicy M2 is expected to inherit the wheel and tire combo of the big-brother M4.

At the rear, all prototypes spotted so far had the regular taillights but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be carried over onto the production model as things could change until then. A more aggressive setup for the quad exhaust seems like an educated guess to further set the CS apart from the regular G87.

The biggest upgrade will be implemented underneath the hood where the engineers are likely dialing the S58 engine to over 500 horsepower. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter makes 453 hp in the standard M2, so the CS will bring a substantial upgrade. We’re hearing the inline-six could have as much as 518 hp but you won’t be able to pair the twin-turbo engine with the six-speed manual gearbox. Yes, the M2 CS will be a Steptronic-only affair.

How much is it going to cost? Well, the F87-generation model retailed from $84,595 in the United States and it’s hard to imagine its successor will be any cheaper. In fact, chances are it’ll start at nearly $90,000 or even more. As with previous CS-badged models, production will be limited.

The higher-performing M2 is not the only CS model BMW is working on since an M4 CS will be out next year. There are even talks of an M3 CS Touring, which the M division is already testing. However, the super wagon has yet to be approved for production.