Steven Dinan, the man behind the renowned Dinan Engineering, launch a few years ago a new tuning company – CarBahn. The California-based tuning company has already worked on several BMW projects and it’s now ready to take on the G87 BMW M2. According to a new video, CarBahn is preparing an ambitious project: a major power upgrade for the latest iteration of the BMW M2, the G87 model. Dinan says that CarBahn will push the envelope by pairing state-of-the-art software tuning with a strategic integration of components from the G80 and G82 models.

Therefore, the tuned M2 will allegedly unleash a blistering 750 horsepower from the G87 M2’s heart. The tuning process is slated to take place in two key phases. By the end of August, enthusiasts can expect a significant bump in power thanks to the inclusion of SW (software) tunes and heat exchangers borrowed from the G80/G82 models. This first step promises to create an exhilarating driving experience.

However, the real coup de grâce arrives in the subsequent phase. CarBahn will be rolling out all engine modifications from the G80/G82 line for the G87 M2 in a span of 2-3 months, for the full 750 horsepower. Keep in mind that the base BMW M2 model only makes 453 horsepower and it’s already pushing the limits of grip.

The Grip Challenge: Enhancing RWD Dynamics

Power is just one side of the coin; the other is handling. The true testament to a tuner’s prowess lies in their ability to harness and control the immense power they’ve unleashed. CarBahn acknowledges this challenge and aims to tackle it head-on. The key question at hand is how to ensure that the rear-wheel-drive (RWD) G87 M2 can efficiently put down all that added power. Of course, a BMW M2 xDrive could have sold that problem, even if partially only. CarBahn also designs all of its suspension components in house.

Furthermore, Steven Dinan emphasizes that CarBahn’s approach is not a mere piggyback tuner solution. Instead, the real magic lies in CarBahn’s software tuning expertise. While hardware modifications are crucial, the software underpinning a car’s performance plays an equally significant role. CarBahn’s software enhancements are designed to extract every ounce of potential from the engine. And we already know that the S58 3.0 liter six-cylinder is capable of a lot more power than the stock one.

Here is a video of Steve Dinan talking about the new BMW M2: