The German sales numbers are in and the new BMW X1 and iX1 take the lead in terms of sales. With a total of 3,190 new registrations, the new BMW X1 (U11) has edged out the 3 Series Sedan and Touring, which follows closely with 3,146 units. This achievement owes much to the BMW iX1, as the electric SUV contributed significantly, making up over 37 percent of the new X1 registrations with an impressive 1,184 units. Naturally, this underscores the strong appeal of the iX1 among customers. The third-best selling BMW in Germany in July 2023 was the BMW X3 – 2,029 units.

The new BMW i5 is also off to a good start, but with a caveat. A report by the Federal Motor Transport Authority shows 252 units of the i5 registered in Germany. Of course, these cars are not yet in customers’ hands so they could be a combination of BMW-owned i5s or initial dealer orders. First press drives are in September so we expect first units to be delivered to customers around the same time.

BMW iX1 Leads The Pack

The year-to-date report still shows the 3 Series in the lead, with 16,879 units compared to the 15,934 X1 and iX1 units. Of course, that gap can close as the X1 continues to be a compelling product for customers looking for a practical and eco-friendly crossover. Third best selling BMW in Germany in 2023 is, so far, the highly controversial 4 Series. Despite its quirky and often criticized design, the BMW 4 Series shows 12,667 registration, 100 units more than the 5 Series.

What’s even more interesting is, once again, the demand for the iX1 EV. The BMW i4 – which is often touted – as the best selling BMW electric vehicle had 675 units registered in July. In contrast, the iX1 shows 1,184 registrations, nearly double. For the year, BMW iX1 leads once again with 6,001 units compared to the 4,532 i4s. Unfortunately, the U.S. market is missing out on the BMW iX1 which we once said it was the most compelling crossover BMW offers today.

Year-to-date, the share of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in new BMW registrations has reached 12.25 percent, while the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) share has diminished and now stands at 8.75 percent. Consequently, a significant 79 percent of new BMW registrations in Germany for 2023 rely on traditional petrol or diesel fuel rather than electric charging.

[Source: BimmerToday]