Over the past few decades, the ALPINA B7 has consistently held the flagship position in the BMW 7 Series lineup. While BMW never introduced an M7 variant, the B7 stepped in to fill the void, offering a compelling combination of power and sophistication within the BMW luxury class. The B7 has seen four iterations so far: the E12, E67, F01/F02, and G11/G12.

Interestingly, both the B7 and the 7 Series models have often undergone parallel testing, making it quite noticeable that no ALPINA B7 prototypes have been spotted in recent years. The question of whether ALPINA is developing a G70-based B7 is not straightforward, and it ties into the electrification of the new BMW 7 Series. ALPINA’s customer base has traditionally been passionate about petrol and diesel engines, which provided a distinct level of refinement compared to BMW’s offerings. Consequently, electric powertrains were not a priority for ALPINA’s clientele. Given BMW’s shift towards full electrification, ALPINA faced a pivotal decision: either adapt to the new electric direction or consider selling the automotive brand to BMW.

ALPINA’s Dilemma: Electrification vs. BMW Integration

Indeed, BMW has ambitious plans for the esteemed ALPINA brand, benefiting from a wealth of resources that open up boundless possibilities. BMW envisions positioning ALPINA as the Maybach equivalent in the BMW realm, offering a range of luxurious products that bridge the gap between standard BMW offerings and Rolls-Royce. However, this transition is not expected to materialize until at least 2027, allowing ample time for careful planning and execution of the brand’s evolution.

Speculation Alert: ALPINA B7 (G70) on the Horizon

Nonetheless, due to the significant time gap, BMW needs to bring one more ALPINA product to the market. We strongly believe that when the 7 Series Facelift is launched, an ALPINA B7 (G70) could also be introduced. With the ALPINA brand fully integrated within the BMW Group in 2025, this timeline will align perfectly with the 7 Series LCI, which is also scheduled around the same time.

A new ALPINA B7 would be a gasoline-powered model, utilizing the new S68 V8 TwinTurbo engine, along with typical ALPINA upgrades and refinements. The design is likely to incorporate ALPINA’s distinct design cues, featuring elevated materials and craftsmanship. The latest driver assistance features will also play an essential role, with potentially Level 3 features included in the B7 lineup.

Naturally, it’s essential to approach these plans with a hint of skepticism since BMW has not officially confirmed them. However, for those familiar with the BMW brand, the rumors might be hardly a surprise, and we are all excited about the prospect of something brewing in Munich.