Seven – that’s how many colors BMW is offering for its hottest M product right now, the new M2. The G87 certainly deserves more paint choices, and we’re hearing new ones are coming as early as 2024. In the meantime, you have to pick from Black Sapphire, Alpine White, the exclusive Zandvoort Blue, the Individual Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue, plus these two: Toronto Red and Brooklyn Grey.

BMW Poland organized a photo shoot with the dynamic duo somewhere in the countryside where most of the focus was put on the red car. Both had the darkened Shadowline headlights, a carbon fiber roof, and 930 M style two-tone wheels with red brake calipers. The car’s styling has grown on us since the second-generation M2 was released in October 2022, but only these “basic” builds that do away with the in-your-face M Performance Parts.

Even with its controversial looks, the M2 has a high chance of being a commercial success given the timing of its launch in a changing automotive industry. With rear-wheel drive, a manual gearbox, and a pure ICE on offer, it has few direct and indirect rivals we can probably count on the fingers of one hand. Some enthusiasts will still choose this car even if they’re not enamored with the way it looks.

BMW has already said all next-gen M models will be electrified, which indirectly means the clutch pedal will be gone, so the G87 represents the last hurrah for the 6MT. Well, the previous statement might not be entirely true as we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for a Z4 M40i with a do-it-yourself ‘box to mirror the six-speed Toyota GR Supra.

As for future M2 versions, the spicy CS arriving around 2025 is said to push well over 500 hp, so a manual seems unlikely. The same can be said about the rumored M2 xDrive believed to arrive in 2026 at the earliest.

Source: BMW Poland