Still haven’t decided on your preferred color for the 2023 BMW M2? This extended photo gallery from Italy might help you choose as we can see the G87 in all regular colors. The key word here is “regular” since the recently introduced Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue matte paints from the Individual catalog are not included.

The second-generation M2 attended a special event organized at the Vallelunga Circuit where BMW Italy had multiple examples of the sports coupe in all the five available regular colors. We’re talking about Alpine White, Sapphire Black, M Toronto Red, M Brooklyn Grey, and the Zandvoort Blue you can’t currently have on any other model. For even more variety, some cars had black wheels while others were fitted with two-tone alloys.

Depending on the country, BMW has all five paint jobs available for free or it’s charging extra for some of them. For example, it’ll cost you an additional $650 to have the M2 in Black Sapphire, Toronto Red, or Brooklyn Grey in the United States whereas in Germany they’re all a no-cost option. Speaking of Deutschland, the two Individual paints we mentioned earlier will set you back a hefty €2,460. Since these photos were taken in Italy, we should point out that BMW Italia has all five regular paints listed for €0.

Although it may seem like you’re getting a better deal in Europe than in the United States, that’s not actually the case. On the contrary, the M2 starts at $62,200 in the US whereas the German branch is asking €75,400, plus an extra €500 if you want the six-speed manual transmission instead of the eight-speed automatic. In the US, both gearboxes are available as no-cost options.

We’d argue five regular colors and two Individual hues are still not enough for such an exciting car but BMW will address this issue in the coming years. Additional paint jobs are going to be added as early as 2024, and logic tells us the 2025 M2 CS will have its own special color. The G87 has a long shelf life ahead, with production reportedly ending in July 2029, so there’s plenty of time for the color palette to grow.

Source: BMW Italy