We’ve been talking about the possibility of a new BMW M5 Touring for about a year, even speculating the third iteration of the super wagon has already been assigned the “G99” codename. Adding fuel to the spicy rumors, M boss Frank van Meel hinted last October we’d see the AMG E63 Estate and Audi RS6 Avant rival testing at the Nürburgring sometime this year. That hasn’t happened yet, but judging by this first teaser, it’s a matter of when not if.

PHEV BMW M5 Touring to Enter Production in 2024

Meanwhile, in the coming days, the Bavarians say it will take prototypes of the BMW M5 Touring on the streets for initial tests on public roads in the city as well as on country roads and highways. Track testing will follow, including on the Nordschleife. Fully covered in the typical BMW disguise, the high-performance wagon has bulging fenders à la M3 Touring. The “Electrified Vehicle” stickers on the front doors denote we’re dealing with a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the company’s second M model after the XM to adopt a PHEV setup.

M5 Touring to Get S68 Twin-Turbo V8

The M5 Touring is expected to enter production in November 2024, after the M5 Sedan (G90) hits the assembly line in July of the same year. Unlike the smaller M3 Touring, we’re hearing BMW intends to sell the high-performance wagon in the United States. The M division has already confirmed the new M5 will use an adaptation of the plug-in hybrid V8 that debuted in the XM. As for power, insiders claim it’ll have a combined output of around 718 hp.

While the ultra-rare M5 Touring E34 had an inline-six and the E61 that followed it used a massive 5.0-liter V10, the third iteration of the long-roof M5 will get the newly developed S68 engine. The twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 will work with an electric motor to create the most potent M5 that has ever been, but also the heaviest. Much like the XM colossus, the new M5 models are going to be an xDrive-only affair with an automatic transmission.

BMW i5 M60 Touring to Launch Next Year

Before dusting off the M5 Touring, BMW will inject some pizzazz into the forthcoming 5 Series wagon by giving it a fully electric M Performance derivative. The i5 M60 Touring is coming next year to mirror the sedan currently positioned at the top of the lineup until the new M5 (G90) will dethrone it in 2024.

Source: BMW M