Power and Performance

BMW is gearing up to launch the seventh generation of their popular M5 sports sedan. The 2024 BMW M5, slated for release next year, will mark a first for the Motorsport brand: it will feature a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Following in the footsteps of the BMW XM, both the G90 M5 sedan and G99 M5 Touring will send massive power to all four wheels. According to sources, the initial iteration of the new BMW M5 should deliver around 718 horsepower. The torque output should also match the one in the XM – 590 lb-ft or 800 Nm. Of course, the XM Label Red has already demonstrated that this particular drivetrain is capable of producing even more power. Therefore, it is highly likely that a BMW M5 CS will easily surpass the 750 horsepower mark at some point.

Electrification and Range

The source of power for the upcoming 2024 BMW M5 lies in a fresh twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine (S68) coupled with an electric motor. As of now, the exact power distribution remains undisclosed; however, it is anticipated that the electric motor will contribute approximately 90-100kW. When it comes to the electric vehicle aspect, the M5’s electric driving range is expected to match or surpass that of the XM, which is rated at 80 kilometers (50 miles) according to the WLTP standard. The figures provided by the U.S. EPA are likely to be slightly more conservative.

Transmission and Drivetrain

It is highly probable that the 2024 BMW M5 will employ the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission and xDrive system, similar to the dedicated M model. However, it is expected that these components will be adjusted and fine-tuned specifically for the M5, offering a distinct driving experience. Of course, this new sports sedan will also be the heaviest M5 ever, considering the large battery pack siting in the under the floor.

Design and Exterior Features

The design of the G90 M5 is far from being a mystery. Domagoj Dukec, BMW’s Head of Design, revealed in an interview that the kidney grill of the i5 M60 provides a strong indication of what to anticipate from the M5. Naturally, one can expect a more assertive front-end, pronounced fenders, M mirrors, and quad exhaust pipes, adding to its aggressive aesthetics. Moving inside and things will also resemble the recently launched 5 Series. We should see a large curved display powered by iDrive 8.5, less physical buttons and a toggle shifter instead of the traditional beefy M shifter.

Interior and Technology

Another noteworthy aspect of the interior is the steering wheel. BMW has recently introduced flat-bottom steering wheels in models like the 7 Series and X1, and this design feature carries over to the BMW M5. In the case of the plug-in hybrid M5, it will feature the same steering wheel found in the BMW 760i M Sport. This three-spoke wheel boasts a flat bottom and a skeletonized bottom spoke, adding a sporty and stylish touch to the cabin.

Performance and Production

With 718 horsepower under its belt, the 2024 BMW M5 will also likely be the fastest M5 ever made, even surpassing the already impressive F90 M5 CS with its 2.7 seconds standard sprint. Production of the G90 M5 sedan will start July 2024 while the G99 M5 Touring comes later: November 2024. Both M5 models will come to the United States. Editor’s Note: In the US, the new G90 M5 will come as a 2025 Model Year, but in Europe it will be labeled the 2024 BMW M5.