Shortly after the M2 G87 debuted in October 2022, BMW introduced a wide array of M Performance Parts for those eager to spend more and get an angrier-looking sports coupe. Some of you will remember that a fully loaded example of the rear-wheel-drive machine decked out with MPP was exhibited late last year at the Essen Motor Show. If you think that striking specification was overkill, this upgraded M2 might be right up your alley.

It’s a right-hand-drive vehicle that ditches the eye-catching red wrap of the Essen showcar for the Black Sapphire metallic paint applied onto a slightly more muscular body. The M2 gets carbon fiber front attachments at the corners of the bumper, complemented by side spats and side skirt attachments made from the same lightweight material. There’s also an M Performance decal to let everyone know this isn’t a run-of-the-mill G87 build.


Moving at the back, it’s hard to miss the large wing mounted on the trunk lid, joined by a smaller roof-mounted spoiler. Available for some time on the larger M3 and M4 models, the optional M Performance quad exhaust with center-mounted stacked tips makes the rear design just as controversial as the front. To top it off, the car has received Gold Bronze 1000M wheels to contrast the black body.

With all these extra goodies, one must wonder whether you’d be better off buying a base M4 as the price gap is unlikely to be significant. BMW will bring the two high-performance coupes closer in pricing sometime in 2025 when an M2 CS is expected to arrive will well over 500 hp. We’re hearing that even the base M2 will be boosted to 474 hp, or an extra 21 hp or so compared to today’s model.

Of course, these figures are somewhat relative since we all know the German luxury brand typically underrates its engines. Multiple dyno tests of the M2 G87 have shown it makes over 470 hp at the wheels, so already more than 500 hp at the crank.

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