With the G90 M5 expected to debut sometime next year, we’re beginning to put the F90 in our proverbial rearview mirrors, especially since the i5 M60 has given us an idea of how the new flagship 5er will look. There’s still time to look back at the super sedan, and what better way to do it if not by admiring this Fire Orange example? It’s a hotter Competition model with the Life Cycle Impulse applied and a few carbon fiber bits thrown in for good measure.

The F90 traces its roots to 2016 when the regular 5 Series (G30) came out, meaning its design comes from an era when BMW’s styling choices weren’t as controversial as they are today. We’d argue the sedan has aged like fine wine, and it’s particularly appealing in this LCI guise. Sure, the paint is extravagant for our tastes and would perhaps work better on an M2 or M4, but it doesn’t look half bad on the M5 either. For those seeking attention, there aren’t that many hues more eye-grabbing than Fire Orange.

Photo: @krispycaptures / @hendrickbmw

The F90 is among the last BMW M cars with a pure combustion engine since the “world’s most powerful letter” has pledged to embrace electrification. The striking XM leads the way with its plug-in hybrid V8, which the next-gen M5 will also adopt in a different state of tune. We’re hearing the twin-turbo, 4.4-liter “S68” engine and the electric motor will push out over 700 hp but less than the 748 hp offered by the XM Label Red.

From the design and size to the powertrain and technology, just about everything will be different on the next-gen M5. It’s now or never to buy a brand-new F90 with a pure ICE setup and a conventional interior with separate buttons for the climate settings while avoiding the dual-screen setup of the iDrive 8. Chances are F90s will hold their value in time as lots of people don’t want to have anything to do with performance hybrids, let alone sporty EVs.

Its replacement is sure to put on some weight due to the added complexity of the PHEV setup but also because the new 5 Series is bigger than the model it replaced. It’s the beginning of the end of a wonderful ICE era, which in the 5 Series’ case peaked with this M5 generation, especially with the limited-run CS special edition.

[Photos: instagram.com/krispycaptures / instagram.com/hendrickbmw]