Configuring the M4 G82 can turn out to be an extremely lengthy process since BMW offers extensive customization options to spec your ideal performance coupe. Those looking for a shouty build might take inspiration from this eye-catching specification of a Competition model with rear-wheel drive. Painted in Fire Orange akin to the M3 E92 Lime Rock Park Edition, the high-spec version has the recently introduced black M decals on the hood and trunk lid.

The eccentric M4 displayed at the Autohaus Matthes Group in Suhl, Germany has been fitted with an assortment of M Performance Parts. The most obvious upgrade is at the back where the aggressive carbon fiber diffuser hosts the optional center-mounted quad exhaust tips. The same lightweight material has been used extensively throughout the exterior, including for the front splitter and side skirt attachments.

The vibrant color has a correspondent on the inside where the car has been configured with the full Merino leather upholstery in Kyalami Orange with black accents. Those 50 years of M anniversary emblems we saw on the outside are not carried over inside, but that should be fairly easy to sort out. Also missing are the Alcantara upgrades available via the M Performance Parts catalog.

While the 3 Series range has transitioned to the Operating System 8, that is not the case with the 4 Series (except for the i4). It should happen in the foreseeable future, but we’re sure some would rather have the “old” setup without the two screens sticking out from the dashboard. With the latest iDrive infotainment, you also lose the physical controls for the climate settings.

Reports state both the M3 and M4 will receive a fully fledged Life Cycle Impulse to keep the products fresh and competitive after BMW’s decision to prolong their life cycles until 2027. In the meantime, a CS derivative is planned for both body styles, with the sedan getting it first early next year.

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