If you saw the BMW XM Label Red and thought “I need that lipstick-wearing, three-ton oxymoron cracking my concrete driveway,” then you’re in luck, as the order books just opened. U.S. market customers can now not only spec but actually order their XM Label Red, the most powerful production BMW by a huge margin.

This post from Bimmerpost provides some insight into to the standard features and optional extras the XM Label Red has to offer. For instance, only one color is technically standard, Brooklyn Grey. Inside, full Merino leather is standard and red/black with red stitching is the only color option. It also gets extended Shadowline trim, carbon fiber interior trim, 23 inch Style 923M bi-color wheels, and black brake calipers as-standard.

However, there are a few no-cost options, which are basically the same as standard, you just don’t have to have them. For instance, you can get a BMW Individual color option for no extra cost. That’s right, you can choose from any of BMW’s typically extremely expensive paints, of which there are hundreds, without paying a single extra dime. Admittedly, the XM Label Red is extremely expensive, at almost $200,000, so Individual paint had better be a no-cost option. Still, with it being free, I’d like to meet the human who says “No, I’m good, I’ll stick with overcast gray instead of one of the hundreds of spectacularly interesting colors. Now excuse me while I eat my plain toast.”

Also a no-cost option is Toronto Red exterior trim. When the Label Red first debuted, it took some criticism for its lipstick-like red trim around its kidney grilles. That’s the Toronto Red exterior trim. So take that or leave it, but it’s free. Additionally, you can get 22 inch Style 922M wheels—with or without more red accents—or 23 inch Style 923M wheels finished in Night Gold. You can also choose either red or blue calipers, instead of black, for free. The only additional-cost options, according to this post, are the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system ($3,400) and the M Driver’s package ($2,500).

The BMW XM Label Red isn’t for everyone, certainly. It’s a monster, 738 horsepower, plug-in hybrid SUV with incredibly unique styling and interior. It’s a very specific sort of car to want and doesn’t really have many competitors, due to its performance and price point. It’s too expensive and luxurious to take on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT and not expensive or luxurious enough to take on the Bentley Bentayga. So it seems like it’s a budget Lamborghini Urus competitor and I think that’s a tough sell. But if it sold you, you can place your order right now.

[Source: Bimmerpost]